The check has been presented!

CourtneyThe donation check from was presented today to Kimberly Johnson Quinn.

Thank you to all who donated. It is our hope that the school will raise enough funds and stay open!!!!

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Mt. Assisi Candlelight Vigil – February 03, 2014

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Candelight Vigil

Please join everyone tonight at Mt. Assisi for a candlelight vigil!

You can check out the facebook page HERE


Monday, February 3, 2014
7 pm

Address: 13860 Main St, Lemont, IL 60439

Dress Warm!!!

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Thank you everyone!

A Big thanks to everyone who donated. After speaking with the school we determined it would be in the best interest to have everyone donate directly to the school. I have the final PayPal balance and will issue a check directly to Mt Assisi for the full balance. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done – please keep Mt Assisi Academy in your prayers, and if we hear of any fundraising opportunities we will post them here!

Total raised by this site:

$1,357.46 USD

Thank you to: M.W., C.T., C.C., M.H., L.M., M.P., M.D., S.D., S.M., J.K., G.S., K.H., J.R., J.M., A.D., K.B., J.P., M.R., C.M., S.O., J.K., F.M., S.C., F.V., K.G., B.A., V.P.


The official amount donated:


Thank you everyone!!!

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Please Help Save Mt. Assisi Academy!

This site was created by parents from Mt. Assisi Academy. It is with great sadness that we learned that Mt. Assisi would be closing its doors after our daughter graduates this year. We would hope that any funds raised from this site would go to help keep Mt. Assisi open, so that future classes could benefit from the strong sense of spirituality and the quality education that is the very foundation of Mt. Assisi.

Be assured that 100% of any donation received from this site will go directly to Mt. Assisi with the hope that they will keep their doors open, and will continue to educate our daughters in the Catholic tradition. — The Kosiewicz Family

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Mt. Assisi Academy to Close at the End of the Current School Year

The letter posted on the Mt. Assisi Website: 

Dear Members of the Mount Assisi Community,

It is with great sadness that I announce that Mount Assisi Academy will close as a four-year high school in June of 2014. This is a heart wrenching decision for all involved.

We have taken a very close look at our ability to sustain the school’s mission with the recent and projected enrollment trends, the increasing deficit of the school, the impact of that debt on our religious community, and the smaller number of Sisters available for this ministry. We have looked very closely at our ability to continue to deliver an excellent Catholic education. The economic realities facing everyone, including the Church, have forced us to consider what is possible given the resources we have at our disposal. Our religious community has substantially subsidized the Academy for years and is unable to continue this level of giving. As enrollment has fallen, the reality that the smaller the pool of students, the more expensive the education per person becomes has fueled both our efforts to increase enrollment and our need to look carefully at the reality of our school situation. We have worked hard to increase enrollment and to seek other sources of revenue.

Despite tremendous good will and efforts, we have not been able to reach the goals that were set for enrollment or funding. When all the data was examined, it became clear that we have to close our high school.

For 63 years, we have provided young women from the Southwest side of the city of Chicago and surrounding areas with an experience that has built their faith, their self-confidence, their sense of potential and their educational foundation for life. Thousands of young women who have passed through our doors have left enriched; and they now contribute to the Church and the world in countless positive ways. Many fine teachers and other staff members have stood with us over these years. God has blessed our students through their and our willingness, our gifts, our work, and even sometimes our mistakes and faults; all of which have become a platform for the building of the Kingdom among His People. For this, may God be praised.

We deeply regret the heartache that this causes and promise to support our current students and families in any way that is possible as they seek other educational settings and work through this closing and the transition that it calls for in their lives. We will hold a separate meeting for those families and students of the Class of 2015 to discuss possibilities for them.

We are most grateful for all your efforts, donations, support and companionship, and for the privilege of ministering to you. Let us hold each other in prayer and kindness as together we walk through this very difficult transition.


Sister Therese Ann Quigney
Provincial Superior

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